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Assignment2 – week11

Reflective Journal

An art of story telling has been found since Greek era such as legend of Hercules or Myth of Zeus. The main principle of plot doesn’t change much during time went by however there is a development on narrative that each book or movie try to represent perspective differently.  They use sequence to show viewer only important scene and link it with different timeline in order to solve the problem more interesting. These are play with the ideal of expectation of repeating plot that being use over and over time so story such as ‘Maleficent’ are made to show another side of Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent was expect to be bad from the original story but for these version the creator make her more reasonable and emotional more than just a bad guy who put curse on the innocent (princess). Maleficent still tell a story of innocent being involve in a problem and fight for her own happy ever after similar to most fairytale. Most Protagonist considering their self as one of human being or supernatural being that live in plot but they are some character like ‘Deadpool’ famous superhero from Marvel that considering him self as a character of the comic and tell the story with the connection to the real world. Lot of narrative also express emotional though surrealism where it’s connect similarity sillihoute or symbol of different object together. The atmosphere’s remind of dream and fantasy but always relate to symbol in reality.



Activity 1

  • What animal is like a bass fiddle and why?
    -wild buffalo because the shape from bird view of them are curve similar to that.
  • !  What is the colour of shame and why?
    -Blue because shame is a muddy emotion that involve in sadness and disappoint.
  • !  In what ways can coolness be seen?
    -Frost because ice can be make in very cold temperature so frost can be a symbol of coolness.
  • !  In what ways can softness be heard?
    – a reflex sound of object falling in to fluffy sofa.
  • !  What could have given a cave dweller the idea for a spear?
    -Tooth or wild animal since it would be a animal’s weapon to against cave dweller when they fight.
  • !  A parachute is like what animal and why?
    -Penguin because when Penguin jump in to the ocean is similar to parachute jump off the plane.
  • !  Why is a calendar like a mirror?
    – It’s remind of past and future that we have involve.
  • !  How is vandalizing like sticking your finger in a light socket?
    -Because even our finger not meant to touch the color it’s sometime appear to get some spray on similar to light socket that even it’s seem to be secure from outer. Sometime other object can get to stick on our finger anyway.
  • !  How is creativity like a glassware display shelf?
    – It’s similar to an idea of museum where art piece art show on shelf.
  • !  If a classroom were a lawn, what would the weeds be and why?
    Grass and clover because I found that a lot at park not far from uni.


Activity 2

Alice in wonderland and Smoking, drug, and gang problems in schools

– They could be a story of Alice who get drugged and because she’s overdose drug she turn to see thing in reality on wonderland style. She might see a gangster as a card solider and Mafia as Queen of heart that she want to ran away from but might not end well in the end.

Kissing a frog, and Elementary children carrying guns to school in the US

– The story might take place on protagonist who get abuse from other kid in school so she steal her dad gun to school however she accidentally lose it to one of her ugly friend so that person demand her to kiss him in order  to get the gun back. After a kiss and having her gun back the protagonist might just shoot the ugly friend who doesn’t turn to become a prince.



Activity 3

– My concept is a Museum of shoes where the audience start from relate shoes as a foot wear but as explore along the museum. They will found other art piece create from shoes in form of garment, building ,decoration and etc.

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Assignment2 – week10

Reflective journal

Art in general meaning might make people think of painting or performance in stage however term of Algorithmic art are more different than that. It’s a beauty of processing step by step solving problem use mathematic or number repeat in route such as a instruction to investigate the Gallery in form of arrow or sign , kids picture book that lead them to connect number in order and etc. It’s more similar to the performance in term of object connecting and move around follow the same instruction.Algorithmic art can be seen as part of an abstract art but there are some key signal or code to describe what the art piece is telling story about. It’s might be just an expression of emotional. They seem to look like dream and doesn’t have a limited on media they take on so most of thing around specially in university is part of an algorithmic art such as car park , library sign or etc. I found that Algorithmic art is very simple but creative in the same time. Considering that follow all those rule exquisitely make beauty make me think of an ants social. Ants activity on there glass ant habitat it’s similar to what human daily route like. Both of them are following the path and decode a signal for a guide to complete task each day. Even there are amount of freedom for flexible thing suit preference life style but still human do go around in the circle with most of them keep the route same order so social look neat and clean.


Activity 1

These is make from an 10 picture of red object. I want red to be an instruction for these collage and it’s make all 10 different picture look relate to each other even it just select because the majority colour of each one.




reference for image use


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Assignment2 – week2

reflective journal

There are lot of culture in current era that base the successful of work on a profit from the product which mostly have strong relationship with the fan culture. I see a lot of Japanese product expand they industry because of the fan club. In some perspective fan can become negative if they too crazy and offend different culture around. Product can be see in figure of negative and could be forget the ideologist behind the product. However there are benefits of having fan. They can advertise the product quickly and they are the main demand of the product and support the creation to grow further to another field so fan is a thing that sould be considering but not too much in marketing now a day.

In term of fan product I think it’s not crossing the line of copyright as long as fan doesn’t use the fan creative for their own profit. It’s fine if they making a fan fiction and share with other in the fan community because it’s just a place to use their fantasy try to create a experience of them self with the character or product they in to but it’s a copy of productive and offend the creator when they working on a fan product and claim all character and background story are their product. I think that fan reaction can benefit the product on how effective the item is or there are something that communicate different than the purpose it’s exist. These could help the creator to analysis from audience view and adjust how much information that need to add on or fix the product futher on or else they would be just an industry view which can drop the demand of the product later on.

Activity 1

a – fans are common thing in current era because most people are part of fan culture of something such as sport fans, TV show fans, games fans, magazines fans or etc. As long as that person is consuming media stuff I believe that it is natural for everyone to be a fans of something.

b – I’m a fan of Japanese game call Touken Ranbu. I’m helping my sister who making a fan-book which as the story in the game are historic relate to a historic sword from Heian period until Taisho period so I research in to history of each one in dept and summary to my sister. I do research about what’s legend behind each one, who have been a master of each and what historic event they have been involve with till now.

c – For my own fans work I do cosplay the character from that game often private and on public event.

d- I sure it’s can be analysed in deeper level. I first attach to cosplay work because of meeting one of the cosplay I feel so connect with. Then after become a good friend with her , She invite me to join the cosplay with her I become part of these community. As I come to study oversea I’m meet new friends who share same interest during cosplay event and getting in bigger community so I think Fannish work for me is to find and get attach on different people in similar interest.

e -I think it’s good to heard a feed back from your fan however that’s destroy the original of the book when creator try put too much service in to the work. There are case in Japan’s Anime where creator try to put two male character in a relationship for fan service but it’s end up a dramatic story to both side that like and dislike these event. Basically the story have been damage and half of the fan turn their back to the anime and leave to become another anime fandom.

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Assignment 2- week9

reflective journal

Kabuki mask


Thai mask



Mask is common thing in most Asian country such as in Kabuki Theatre , Traditional Thai dancing or etc. From my culture which is Thai, These are develop to represent the fictional character role in traditional Thai play but not all the character got the mask. Mask only make for important character that have special ability or higher status to make them stand out among that other player such as King who got a golden crow on top, A divine god spirit who come to born in human royal family which have different skin tone than other ordinary human ,Giant who have different face construction or Monkey that got super natural ability who serve as a royal guard to the king. Mask for these play make to show the idea of important of the character role and common recognisz from code that hidden in physical appearance of each character that repeat similar in every show. From that idea Mask now a day adapt n ordinary life in form of media and social communication. I use to believe that mask made just for avoiding personal reality to other in social media but after considering the lecture i found that it’s also to create a ideal self that each person prefer as well. Avatar ,Selfie or App decoration are made in order to fix the real self and sharethe preference choice though media which the ideal behind it is similar to the traditional mask which to make each person escape from ordinary in to important character in their role play. Lot of App for teenagers encourage teens to build a social with fantasy self interaction where Consumer are connect to each other in the same group interest and build up self ego more as they spend more time with the group. App Company earn profit from a desire to be more special than other with a cash shop item which is a special item that only get from real money payment. Most current game app develop more ideal to earn more profit from that from doing a ‘Gacha’  system where player can use real money for the ticket to roll the item and get random one. The more special is more rare and the rate for them to drop is under 0.25 percent so these make the avatar who got rare item become more self proud and build more ego to the player.



Activity 1


-Apologies for the crumpyness of the paper because i use the water color to draw.

-I love red so I relate my design to inspire from Japanese fox mask which similar in color but then I think about comfort of wearer which is me. I don’t want to be block on mouth or right eye because it’s unable to work normally for a long period. (I thing we have to wear it at first.) other decoration detail is my personal interest of feminine & Alice in wonderland influence show in component such as lace ,rain drop stick and checked.

  • what say about my self: I see lot of personal interest and design to suit my comfort but in dept I’m not sure if i see my self in tear or not. I personally often have sad emotion but I rather want to show a smile more than that. I don’t think i want to be part of fury culture but I do like cats.


Activity 2



These is my Avatar from my current App and game that I create. Always be a girl with blonde pigtail and relate to the Alice in wonderland concept.

First thing is that I’m a Lolita (Sub-culture of people who wear a dress like a victorian doll in pastel or gothic design.) but because of my major is fashion major there a lot of issue to wear lolita dress around uni such as accident that might cause from dress and machine , damage of dress from screen print or workshop activity so I’m not wearing any of my preference garment in to uni. As an Avatar to able to walk around without getting dress damage or cause an accident I can make my avatar as fluffy as I want and I enjoy that.

Being Lolita and walk around with the garment in daily life is nothing I shame or have hard time about but it’s difficult to complete daily route so I prefer to not doing that in real life out of a special event where people just come up meet and relax.


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Assignment2 – week4

reflective journal

Consideration the meaning of creative from different era shows the concept of development in different time. These help me to understand the logic and important of creation more as a symbol of human civilization. I think we live in the era when our ancestor already explore a lot of thing for us so it’s take a lot more time and require a lo of technical skill to create new theory of science which they can’t be part of these unit project. However I still think that creative product in our current culture is interesting in term of reproduce the traditional thing in different material or form. As we have more technology and a mix of culture to develop. We can combine all technique to resolve the solution more different which I think it’s a meaning of creative in our era. In the past people see wealthy as a describe of lifestyle ideal which rich family can be comfort though use of money. However in the current year the idea of doesn’t work seem to describe as an irresponsible person for the family so it’s a symbol of lazy and unsuccessful. These could be idea use of the contrast between them for the clear idea of modern culture on what is wealthy and how different from the history. I think I could doing a film and put characteristic on the shoes to show time period and what is popular from the language of fashion in the same time.

Activity 1

– Chanel movement on woman fashion. For that era in Chanel year woman garment still influence on victoria era where the behind ideal of garment make to limited the movement of woman in daily life and gain popularity though the ideal of being tie in corset is part of high class woman image. However because of the world war II lot of woman come to replace men on daily work such as in factory , shop or general house hold. It’s not suitable to life style to wear such a contain garment so Chanel invent the new look to support that idea. She creative a piece to solve that problem of woman on her era so that’s similar to the ideal of creative that change to suit each era.

Activity 2

I do beliefs in the ‘Behaviourist’(Skinner) Theory because I think human have very complex mind which experience effect lot of part on process of thinking for each person. It’s can change basic reaction and preparation for involve in situation for each one different so for the creative process, I believe that human past and experience help them express different point of view and effect to the viewer to gain new experience from creator as well.

Activity 3

Alexander Mcqueen. I think he’s INFP because i read a book about he’s grow up different than other designer in his era and he kind of use that experience to explore the fashion world on his own point of view so he’s curious and idealistic to explore the human body from what his experience have taught him.

Activity 3B

My personality- I’m kind of destroyer person. Always curious to try something new and always want to go for adventure that beyond little world I see. It’s kind of a conflict that I mostly stay home but I always hope to go adventure. I’m not good with communicate with stranger but I’m kind of want to meet new friends. well I kind of scare of relationship between man and woman but I enjoy love romance novel. I don’t see my self as a sweet human being but I don’t think it’s so bad that I should be kill or that kind of stuff. Mostly I see my self in gray tone.

Activity 3C

I found 5-6 appear. I think Csiksgentmihalyi’s attributes talk about emotional on every sequence of each human being but personality broadly for me is a summaries of what’s happened enough to be notice by each person. It’s kind of guessing game to guess what each one will react to the situation and what emotion drive that person in general. However Csiksgentmihalyi’s attributes cover human in every emotional on the same situation where it’s normal for everyone to react different. It’s just the inner emotion that react different to the same thing on different time.

Activity 4a

leprechaun – rare animal in Myth

bucket – Ice bucket campaign

scuba – Hawaii ocen

werewolf – full moon

hat – rain

news – television

Activity 4b 

Glass – there is so much type of glass where each glass reflect on different culture. I would do a project where people go in the museum of glass where there is transparency glass first in clear then as walk along there is so many colour glass where you can use a light to mix color of them and turn to anther. There is glass for mirror than reflect the real shape of user and funny glass like in circus where it’s destroy shape or over enlarge shape. There also a space to explore glass in different form like vast glass, broken glass, frame glass or room that all object make of glass.

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Assignment2 – week1


Reflective journal

As listening to the lecture , I can see how understanding the different between analysis information from different timing image can make a massive movement in creative design.I remember from my high school that my teacher say there is 2 kind of communication which one of them is a visual communication. It’s an understanding of code and signal though the image. There for the idea of tamming image make sense because as we capture a image from real world. People change their expression quickly sometime so understand the signal of each moment can help the idea of concept differently because they can analysis in to different culture even though it’s come from the same person and happened in the same day. Understanding culture behind the image can help as a tool for symbolism something. There are denotation and connotation which are common knowledge of other people so using the right one can guide them to the ideology behind piece of work easier than just an abstract piece with out any signal.Since I working about people on current social .There are lot of signal that can be describe as wealthy such as gold , gem , money , celebrity and etc. To considering the all component that’s play a part in my product is my task.Also these project is more an ideologist theme because people from different background understand the signal differently so to communicate my statement behind the piece require general understanding for these particular project.





denotation –   connotation  –   Myth       –  ideology

  • 12799142_10154502925926840_8518404895920461025_n
  • sleeping beauty   -fairytale   -awake from true love   – against the reality of girl / happy of eating
  • princess -high class woman /  -very good behave  -food need
  • prince – – -butler culture
  • disney -looking thing in new way -dream come true –
  • wake up with smile -sleep with dull color and sad emotion -it’s a great day – nice food bright up the day
  • fairytale -classic story -happy ending marry the prince -against reality