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Assignment 3 brief


Final project brief


Shoes is a foot wear that have been invent for around 7000 or 8000 BC which the earliest design often call a foot bag instead of shoes because it’s a form of animal skin cover foot by using string tide it up. In general these the ideal of making shoes is to protect the foot and make comfort from the surface as human daily activity continue. There fore the original ideal of shoes have been reproduce time over time during the development of material and silhouette. There are shoes in many color , texture, material ,concept ,heel , high and construction. However all of that still explore shoes as a foot wear but they are some shoes that rebellion against that.

My task is communications using my research of Shoes from both the one that be represent the original ideal of foot wear and the shoes that develop in to medium to explore other idea. These exhibited meant to take place in visual world build up with Unity program, which the audience will be, walk around the museum watching picture of shoes. From general understanding as shoes is a footwear I want the audience to watch variety of foot wear for a while until they bump in to other object that look like shoes but it’s not foot wear such as fish tank ,house ,pot and etc.



-2 week for research

– 1 week for Unity 3D space build up

– 1 week for After effect and rendering

– 1 week for other writing stuff (reflective and referencing)


The budget of these project, Since it’s all programing project. There is no cost been use during all these time.

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Assignment 3 reflective journal

Reflective Journal


All though semester has been taugh me about deep meaning of every creative piece in history that I use to ignor . Looking deep more than beauty and entertainment ,Creative work are meant to express method and theory in each piece. There are another kind of language that communicate though concept and represent of the item however they require a background information to decode the language inside the piece. So it is part of a task for every creator to explain all the idea though shape and sillouhoute on presentation.


The final creative project give freedom to explore on preference topic to make a 1 min video to show in class. I have a hard time for choose the topic until I come up with the idea of shoes. I choose something that be part of daily life and usually unattention to explore how creative I can make.


I first research on different shoes that lot of famous designer have make which they all different in term of sillhoutte and material but after a while I suddenly get stuck on it because all the shoes that I can think of already been made. There are no different on foot position or material that never be made anymore. If there are material that allow to investigate I found that the main idea of it isn’t suit these unit. I think from what the course teach about is the ideal of thinking process more than the final outcome.


Then after listen to tutor suggestion about museum of lucky in class that is all exhibite piece reference to lucky in different culture but audience have to travel though lot of unlucky item such as break mirror ,go under the laddle or etc. That’s give me the ideal to develop more further the project.


I start to treat shoe as medium to explore how could it’s made in to other thing which different from the start where I investigate how can i make a creative shoes. After the lecture class about Plato’s cave theory. Considering about world of idea and world of material, it’s help me to narrow my concept down in deep. Shoes is invent to become a foot wear so the principle of original shoes is to comfort and protect foot. The same ideal develop shoes overagin in different technique of making and create a pattern to support foot more time after time. Some also use to coporate the ideal role of woman in ancient society such as binding foot (lotus foot) in china where they develop the original ideal of making foot wear to comfort human foot in to a foot wear that grow disability to woman for advantage of prevent woman from running away.



However what my intention is to explore shoes in different ideal. What if we still keep silhoutte of shoes but turn the original ideal which is a foot wear in to something else. I have collect lot of picture that creator have treat shoes as medium to create something else from foot wear such as shoes hat, pot, fish tank and etc. I want to make a show with mix of shoes that being a shadow of original shoes and shoes that explore over that ideal of original shoes so I start to exhibite it on 3D space.



As fashion student , pieces of our collection normally exhibit on runway or show in museum but for these project, Unity give me the opportunity to make a show on visual space. Insted of form a museum atmosphere I can show my collection on surreal space. To think of it since it’s somekind of program I could learn to export these 3D space on internet and allow people from different location and time to investigate though my exhibition. I think Unity is easy to learn and these idea of space stop the problem of creator that have to deal with real life venue, weather , location, time and other more. They also stop cost on build up atmosphere on venue and electronic support as well.


However Process it in to 1 min video is a bit tricky. After my long screen shot ,It’s took 2 hour to process which while that happend. I can’t make any progress on Unity program at all. I learn that for Unity and 3D program. It’s need to be plan extra day for the progress otherwise there are lot of extra work that going to happend on every process. Originaly I plan to finish my 3D space on 1 week but it’s happend to envolve in to 2 week because it’s keep crashing and losing the change I make on pause mode.



In the end , I got around 300 screen shot to process in to a video. I use after effect to link it all together which at first it’s appear to become a 6 min video. However I edit it in to 1 min after try to fix the duration of it. Tutor has been suggest to edit the clip by using original picture to attract attention while video is walking though the museum. I have a few try but end up decide to make it’s simple like my original idea because I found that it’s distrack the relationship between frame on the museum. When other footage appear in the scene, audience eye are drw to the movement which I really want them to look on front and back picture frame that I put in the 3D space. I think it’s more suit my concept because they can analysis different idea of each shoes more deeper. If I make the video more longer or shorter it’s going to be boring or too quick.


In summary I found that during these project there are opportunity for showcase in 3D visual which in future can be one good choice that bring people together with out problem of traveling and venue organize. Unity program require technical knowledge to build up the space but it’s not hard to learn. I quite sure that it’s just need to plan ahead and be flexible to make a change as thing go around. As long as our creative piece still suit with the project I think it’s good to push it more further and see what it’s can become.

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