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Assignment 3 brief


Final project brief


Shoes is a foot wear that have been invent for around 7000 or 8000 BC which the earliest design often call a foot bag instead of shoes because it’s a form of animal skin cover foot by using string tide it up. In general these the ideal of making shoes is to protect the foot and make comfort from the surface as human daily activity continue. There fore the original ideal of shoes have been reproduce time over time during the development of material and silhouette. There are shoes in many color , texture, material ,concept ,heel , high and construction. However all of that still explore shoes as a foot wear but they are some shoes that rebellion against that.

My task is communications using my research of Shoes from both the one that be represent the original ideal of foot wear and the shoes that develop in to medium to explore other idea. These exhibited meant to take place in visual world build up with Unity program, which the audience will be, walk around the museum watching picture of shoes. From general understanding as shoes is a footwear I want the audience to watch variety of foot wear for a while until they bump in to other object that look like shoes but it’s not foot wear such as fish tank ,house ,pot and etc.



-2 week for research

– 1 week for Unity 3D space build up

– 1 week for After effect and rendering

– 1 week for other writing stuff (reflective and referencing)


The budget of these project, Since it’s all programing project. There is no cost been use during all these time.


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