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Assignment 2- week9

reflective journal

Kabuki mask


Thai mask



Mask is common thing in most Asian country such as in Kabuki Theatre , Traditional Thai dancing or etc. From my culture which is Thai, These are develop to represent the fictional character role in traditional Thai play but not all the character got the mask. Mask only make for important character that have special ability or higher status to make them stand out among that other player such as King who got a golden crow on top, A divine god spirit who come to born in human royal family which have different skin tone than other ordinary human ,Giant who have different face construction or Monkey that got super natural ability who serve as a royal guard to the king. Mask for these play make to show the idea of important of the character role and common recognisz from code that hidden in physical appearance of each character that repeat similar in every show. From that idea Mask now a day adapt n ordinary life in form of media and social communication. I use to believe that mask made just for avoiding personal reality to other in social media but after considering the lecture i found that it’s also to create a ideal self that each person prefer as well. Avatar ,Selfie or App decoration are made in order to fix the real self and sharethe preference choice though media which the ideal behind it is similar to the traditional mask which to make each person escape from ordinary in to important character in their role play. Lot of App for teenagers encourage teens to build a social with fantasy self interaction where Consumer are connect to each other in the same group interest and build up self ego more as they spend more time with the group. App Company earn profit from a desire to be more special than other with a cash shop item which is a special item that only get from real money payment. Most current game app develop more ideal to earn more profit from that from doing a ‘Gacha’  system where player can use real money for the ticket to roll the item and get random one. The more special is more rare and the rate for them to drop is under 0.25 percent so these make the avatar who got rare item become more self proud and build more ego to the player.



Activity 1


-Apologies for the crumpyness of the paper because i use the water color to draw.

-I love red so I relate my design to inspire from Japanese fox mask which similar in color but then I think about comfort of wearer which is me. I don’t want to be block on mouth or right eye because it’s unable to work normally for a long period. (I thing we have to wear it at first.) other decoration detail is my personal interest of feminine & Alice in wonderland influence show in component such as lace ,rain drop stick and checked.

  • what say about my self: I see lot of personal interest and design to suit my comfort but in dept I’m not sure if i see my self in tear or not. I personally often have sad emotion but I rather want to show a smile more than that. I don’t think i want to be part of fury culture but I do like cats.


Activity 2



These is my Avatar from my current App and game that I create. Always be a girl with blonde pigtail and relate to the Alice in wonderland concept.

First thing is that I’m a Lolita (Sub-culture of people who wear a dress like a victorian doll in pastel or gothic design.) but because of my major is fashion major there a lot of issue to wear lolita dress around uni such as accident that might cause from dress and machine , damage of dress from screen print or workshop activity so I’m not wearing any of my preference garment in to uni. As an Avatar to able to walk around without getting dress damage or cause an accident I can make my avatar as fluffy as I want and I enjoy that.

Being Lolita and walk around with the garment in daily life is nothing I shame or have hard time about but it’s difficult to complete daily route so I prefer to not doing that in real life out of a special event where people just come up meet and relax.



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