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Assignment2 – week2

reflective journal

There are lot of culture in current era that base the successful of work on a profit from the product which mostly have strong relationship with the fan culture. I see a lot of Japanese product expand they industry because of the fan club. In some perspective fan can become negative if they too crazy and offend different culture around. Product can be see in figure of negative and could be forget the ideologist behind the product. However there are benefits of having fan. They can advertise the product quickly and they are the main demand of the product and support the creation to grow further to another field so fan is a thing that sould be considering but not too much in marketing now a day.

In term of fan product I think it’s not crossing the line of copyright as long as fan doesn’t use the fan creative for their own profit. It’s fine if they making a fan fiction and share with other in the fan community because it’s just a place to use their fantasy try to create a experience of them self with the character or product they in to but it’s a copy of productive and offend the creator when they working on a fan product and claim all character and background story are their product. I think that fan reaction can benefit the product on how effective the item is or there are something that communicate different than the purpose it’s exist. These could help the creator to analysis from audience view and adjust how much information that need to add on or fix the product futher on or else they would be just an industry view which can drop the demand of the product later on.

Activity 1

a – fans are common thing in current era because most people are part of fan culture of something such as sport fans, TV show fans, games fans, magazines fans or etc. As long as that person is consuming media stuff I believe that it is natural for everyone to be a fans of something.

b – I’m a fan of Japanese game call Touken Ranbu. I’m helping my sister who making a fan-book which as the story in the game are historic relate to a historic sword from Heian period until Taisho period so I research in to history of each one in dept and summary to my sister. I do research about what’s legend behind each one, who have been a master of each and what historic event they have been involve with till now.

c – For my own fans work I do cosplay the character from that game often private and on public event.

d- I sure it’s can be analysed in deeper level. I first attach to cosplay work because of meeting one of the cosplay I feel so connect with. Then after become a good friend with her , She invite me to join the cosplay with her I become part of these community. As I come to study oversea I’m meet new friends who share same interest during cosplay event and getting in bigger community so I think Fannish work for me is to find and get attach on different people in similar interest.

e -I think it’s good to heard a feed back from your fan however that’s destroy the original of the book when creator try put too much service in to the work. There are case in Japan’s Anime where creator try to put two male character in a relationship for fan service but it’s end up a dramatic story to both side that like and dislike these event. Basically the story have been damage and half of the fan turn their back to the anime and leave to become another anime fandom.


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