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Assignment2 – week4

reflective journal

Consideration the meaning of creative from different era shows the concept of development in different time. These help me to understand the logic and important of creation more as a symbol of human civilization. I think we live in the era when our ancestor already explore a lot of thing for us so it’s take a lot more time and require a lo of technical skill to create new theory of science which they can’t be part of these unit project. However I still think that creative product in our current culture is interesting in term of reproduce the traditional thing in different material or form. As we have more technology and a mix of culture to develop. We can combine all technique to resolve the solution more different which I think it’s a meaning of creative in our era. In the past people see wealthy as a describe of lifestyle ideal which rich family can be comfort though use of money. However in the current year the idea of doesn’t work seem to describe as an irresponsible person for the family so it’s a symbol of lazy and unsuccessful. These could be idea use of the contrast between them for the clear idea of modern culture on what is wealthy and how different from the history. I think I could doing a film and put characteristic on the shoes to show time period and what is popular from the language of fashion in the same time.

Activity 1

– Chanel movement on woman fashion. For that era in Chanel year woman garment still influence on victoria era where the behind ideal of garment make to limited the movement of woman in daily life and gain popularity though the ideal of being tie in corset is part of high class woman image. However because of the world war II lot of woman come to replace men on daily work such as in factory , shop or general house hold. It’s not suitable to life style to wear such a contain garment so Chanel invent the new look to support that idea. She creative a piece to solve that problem of woman on her era so that’s similar to the ideal of creative that change to suit each era.

Activity 2

I do beliefs in the ‘Behaviourist’(Skinner) Theory because I think human have very complex mind which experience effect lot of part on process of thinking for each person. It’s can change basic reaction and preparation for involve in situation for each one different so for the creative process, I believe that human past and experience help them express different point of view and effect to the viewer to gain new experience from creator as well.

Activity 3

Alexander Mcqueen. I think he’s INFP because i read a book about he’s grow up different than other designer in his era and he kind of use that experience to explore the fashion world on his own point of view so he’s curious and idealistic to explore the human body from what his experience have taught him.

Activity 3B

My personality- I’m kind of destroyer person. Always curious to try something new and always want to go for adventure that beyond little world I see. It’s kind of a conflict that I mostly stay home but I always hope to go adventure. I’m not good with communicate with stranger but I’m kind of want to meet new friends. well I kind of scare of relationship between man and woman but I enjoy love romance novel. I don’t see my self as a sweet human being but I don’t think it’s so bad that I should be kill or that kind of stuff. Mostly I see my self in gray tone.

Activity 3C

I found 5-6 appear. I think Csiksgentmihalyi’s attributes talk about emotional on every sequence of each human being but personality broadly for me is a summaries of what’s happened enough to be notice by each person. It’s kind of guessing game to guess what each one will react to the situation and what emotion drive that person in general. However Csiksgentmihalyi’s attributes cover human in every emotional on the same situation where it’s normal for everyone to react different. It’s just the inner emotion that react different to the same thing on different time.

Activity 4a

leprechaun – rare animal in Myth

bucket – Ice bucket campaign

scuba – Hawaii ocen

werewolf – full moon

hat – rain

news – television

Activity 4b 

Glass – there is so much type of glass where each glass reflect on different culture. I would do a project where people go in the museum of glass where there is transparency glass first in clear then as walk along there is so many colour glass where you can use a light to mix color of them and turn to anther. There is glass for mirror than reflect the real shape of user and funny glass like in circus where it’s destroy shape or over enlarge shape. There also a space to explore glass in different form like vast glass, broken glass, frame glass or room that all object make of glass.


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