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Assignment2 – week11

Reflective Journal

An art of story telling has been found since Greek era such as legend of Hercules or Myth of Zeus. The main principle of plot doesn’t change much during time went by however there is a development on narrative that each book or movie try to represent perspective differently.  They use sequence to show viewer only important scene and link it with different timeline in order to solve the problem more interesting. These are play with the ideal of expectation of repeating plot that being use over and over time so story such as ‘Maleficent’ are made to show another side of Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent was expect to be bad from the original story but for these version the creator make her more reasonable and emotional more than just a bad guy who put curse on the innocent (princess). Maleficent still tell a story of innocent being involve in a problem and fight for her own happy ever after similar to most fairytale. Most Protagonist considering their self as one of human being or supernatural being that live in plot but they are some character like ‘Deadpool’ famous superhero from Marvel that considering him self as a character of the comic and tell the story with the connection to the real world. Lot of narrative also express emotional though surrealism where it’s connect similarity sillihoute or symbol of different object together. The atmosphere’s remind of dream and fantasy but always relate to symbol in reality.



Activity 1

  • What animal is like a bass fiddle and why?
    -wild buffalo because the shape from bird view of them are curve similar to that.
  • !  What is the colour of shame and why?
    -Blue because shame is a muddy emotion that involve in sadness and disappoint.
  • !  In what ways can coolness be seen?
    -Frost because ice can be make in very cold temperature so frost can be a symbol of coolness.
  • !  In what ways can softness be heard?
    – a reflex sound of object falling in to fluffy sofa.
  • !  What could have given a cave dweller the idea for a spear?
    -Tooth or wild animal since it would be a animal’s weapon to against cave dweller when they fight.
  • !  A parachute is like what animal and why?
    -Penguin because when Penguin jump in to the ocean is similar to parachute jump off the plane.
  • !  Why is a calendar like a mirror?
    – It’s remind of past and future that we have involve.
  • !  How is vandalizing like sticking your finger in a light socket?
    -Because even our finger not meant to touch the color it’s sometime appear to get some spray on similar to light socket that even it’s seem to be secure from outer. Sometime other object can get to stick on our finger anyway.
  • !  How is creativity like a glassware display shelf?
    – It’s similar to an idea of museum where art piece art show on shelf.
  • !  If a classroom were a lawn, what would the weeds be and why?
    Grass and clover because I found that a lot at park not far from uni.


Activity 2

Alice in wonderland and Smoking, drug, and gang problems in schools

– They could be a story of Alice who get drugged and because she’s overdose drug she turn to see thing in reality on wonderland style. She might see a gangster as a card solider and Mafia as Queen of heart that she want to ran away from but might not end well in the end.

Kissing a frog, and Elementary children carrying guns to school in the US

– The story might take place on protagonist who get abuse from other kid in school so she steal her dad gun to school however she accidentally lose it to one of her ugly friend so that person demand her to kiss him in order  to get the gun back. After a kiss and having her gun back the protagonist might just shoot the ugly friend who doesn’t turn to become a prince.



Activity 3

– My concept is a Museum of shoes where the audience start from relate shoes as a foot wear but as explore along the museum. They will found other art piece create from shoes in form of garment, building ,decoration and etc.


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