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Assignment2 – week10

Reflective journal

Art in general meaning might make people think of painting or performance in stage however term of Algorithmic art are more different than that. It’s a beauty of processing step by step solving problem use mathematic or number repeat in route such as a instruction to investigate the Gallery in form of arrow or sign , kids picture book that lead them to connect number in order and etc. It’s more similar to the performance in term of object connecting and move around follow the same instruction.Algorithmic art can be seen as part of an abstract art but there are some key signal or code to describe what the art piece is telling story about. It’s might be just an expression of emotional. They seem to look like dream and doesn’t have a limited on media they take on so most of thing around specially in university is part of an algorithmic art such as car park , library sign or etc. I found that Algorithmic art is very simple but creative in the same time. Considering that follow all those rule exquisitely make beauty make me think of an ants social. Ants activity on there glass ant habitat it’s similar to what human daily route like. Both of them are following the path and decode a signal for a guide to complete task each day. Even there are amount of freedom for flexible thing suit preference life style but still human do go around in the circle with most of them keep the route same order so social look neat and clean.


Activity 1

These is make from an 10 picture of red object. I want red to be an instruction for these collage and it’s make all 10 different picture look relate to each other even it just select because the majority colour of each one.




reference for image use



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