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Assignment2 – week1


Reflective journal

As listening to the lecture , I can see how understanding the different between analysis information from different timing image can make a massive movement in creative design.I remember from my high school that my teacher say there is 2 kind of communication which one of them is a visual communication. It’s an understanding of code and signal though the image. There for the idea of tamming image make sense because as we capture a image from real world. People change their expression quickly sometime so understand the signal of each moment can help the idea of concept differently because they can analysis in to different culture even though it’s come from the same person and happened in the same day. Understanding culture behind the image can help as a tool for symbolism something. There are denotation and connotation which are common knowledge of other people so using the right one can guide them to the ideology behind piece of work easier than just an abstract piece with out any signal.Since I working about people on current social .There are lot of signal that can be describe as wealthy such as gold , gem , money , celebrity and etc. To considering the all component that’s play a part in my product is my task.Also these project is more an ideologist theme because people from different background understand the signal differently so to communicate my statement behind the piece require general understanding for these particular project.





denotation –   connotation  –   Myth       –  ideology

  • 12799142_10154502925926840_8518404895920461025_n
  • sleeping beauty   -fairytale   -awake from true love   – against the reality of girl / happy of eating
  • princess -high class woman /  -very good behave  -food need
  • prince – – -butler culture
  • disney -looking thing in new way -dream come true –
  • wake up with smile -sleep with dull color and sad emotion -it’s a great day – nice food bright up the day
  • fairytale -classic story -happy ending marry the prince -against reality



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