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reflective journal

Reflective journal


First week

As listening to the lecture , I can see how understanding the different between analysis information from different timing image can make a massive movement in creative design.I remember from my high school that my teacher say there is 2 kind of communication which one of them is a visual communication. It’s an understanding of code and signal though the image. There fore the idea of timming image make sense because as we capture a image from real world. People change their expression quickly sometime so understand the signal of each moment can help the idea of concept differently because they can analysis in to different culture even though it’s come from the same person and happened in the same day. Understanding culture behind the image can help as a tool for symbolism something. There are denotation and connotation which are common knowledge of other people so using the right one can guide them to the ideology behind piece of work easier than just an abstract piece with out any signal.

Since I working about people on current social .There are lot of signal that can be describe as wealthy such as gold , gem , money , celebrity and etc. To considering the all component that’s play a part in my product is my task.Also these project is more an ideologist theme because people from different background understand the signal differently so to communicate my statement behind the piece require general understanding for these particular project.

Second week

There are lot of culture in current era that base the successful of work on a profit from the product which mostly have strong relationship with the fan culture. I see a lot of Japanese product expand they industry because of the fan club. In some perspective fan can become negative if they too crazy and offend different culture around. Product can be see in figure of negative and could be forget the ideologist behind the product. However there are benefits of having fan. They can advertise the product quickly and they are the main demand of the product and support the creation to grow further to another field so fan is a thing that sould be considering but not too much in marketing now a day.

In term of fan product I think it’s not crossing the line of copyright as long as fan doesn’t use the fan creative for their own profit. It’s fine if they making a fan fiction and share with other in the fan community because it’s just a place to use their fantasy try to create a experience of them self with the character or product they in to but it’s a copy of productive and offend the creator when they working on a fan product and claim all character and background story are their product. I think that fan reaction can benefit the product on how effective the item is or there are something that communicate different than the purpose it’s exist. These could help the creator to analysis from audience view and adjust how much information that need to add on or fix the product futher on or else they would be just an industry view which can drop the demand of the product later on.

Week 3

I’m not a fan of selfie but I recognize that the main component of doing selfie is show the view of self-important though picture such as a face focus or another attractive part in owner point of view. Most of the person who often do selfie know what’s is key visual of them self which benefit them when create a component in different place. Considering these can express different emotional from showing some part of the body differently. It’s also effective when we change a medium such as doing collage instead of photo our self. I think it’s communicate much more different and it’s require a lot of understanding and creativity to produce the one that fit the theme. I’m not sure what is the idea of history selfie actually is but as I see it’s kept the information of what’s person look like and make scientists study about them should be see of benefit from considering self important. May be the idea behind it is not to be disappear though the time which they carry the culture and civilization of their time to the future as well. For my project, using the idea of selfie help me focus on key component of the product which it’s might help generate the communication much easier. I realize that using photograph show different view of the product can bring the emotional of wealthy and important on shoes more than it’s does by it self because as a visual communication audience can’t touch or use the product. They only see what we show in the picture so the right tone of image is a big massive success of these project.


Consideration the meaning of creative from different era shows the concept of development in different time. These help me to understand the logic and important of creation more as a symbol of human civilization. I think we live in the era when our ancestor already explore a lot of thing for us so it’s take a lot more time and require a lo of technical skill to create new theory of science which they can’t be part of these unit project. However I still think that creative product in our current culture is interesting in term of reproduce the traditional thing in different material or form. As we have more technology and a mix of culture to develop. We can combine all technique to resolve the solution more different which I think it’s a meaning of creative in our era. In the past people see wealthy as a describe of lifestyle ideal which rich family can be comfort though use of money. However in the current year the idea of doesn’t work seem to describe as an irresponsible person for the family so it’s a symbol of lazy and unsuccessful. These could be idea use of the contrast between them for the clear idea of modern culture on what is wealthy and how different from the history. I think I could doing a film and put characteristic on the shoes to show time period and what is popular from the language of fashion in the same time.


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