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Brief for creative image communication class

Shoes project

Shoes is a foot wear that have been invent for around 7000 or 8000 BC which the earliest design often call a foot bag instead of shoes because it’s a form of animal skin cover foot by using string tide it up. In general these the ideal of making shoes is to protect the foot and make comfort from the surface as human daily activity continue but in some ancient civilization shoes is a symbol of wealthy and use to separated status of people in social such as in Ancient Egypt, Only the royal family and high class people wear shoes while slave and homeless walk with bare foot.

These have been change after the Industrial era where shoes are necessary in wartime. Shoes become common use and separate to all status as part of everyday life but the material and structure has been improve but as demand go higher . Some shoes in the market become more mass produce with cheap price. These make it’s easy to access to all status in social, which destroy the symbol of being wealthy back in ancient time.

My task is a communication using shoes as an investigate on a language of being wealthy.However the same ideologist of symbol in ancient culture is very different for modern world so these design is meant to research on how wealthy can be describe as a piece of shoes in modern world.

As the different of era lot of language in fashion has been change such as in Ancient Chinese use to communicate how female’s high status from the popular lotus foot which make from the ideal that woman who doesn’t born in the working class doesn’t need a foot for work. However in modern world lotus foot are symbol of being abuse to female and highly offend lot of people so lotus foot become to communicate

My investigate so far show that there are variety design for shoes now a day. Some of them develop for specific use such as sport shoes , performance shoes or etc. These make shoes value more higher than a fashionable one because they put on a technology to create more comfort suit the purpose of using so I analysis that high quality shoes is making more comfort and suit the purpose of user which that could be that main idea of following process.

These project meant to take the first 2 week for investigate the material and testing sample. Then use another 3 week for the mock up and development in design. The rest of the week meant to use for process on the end product. I already got a foot molding on my studio however making a good shoes may need to get help from the professional shoes marker which it’s might consume a time after the mock up process. Everything should be finish on the assessment time .


The budget of these project is around 100-150$ because I want to use a thick material to hold the structure of the heel part so these might cost a bit more. I try not to go over the budget too much but there are change that thing can go over in fashion design.





Kris Hirst. History of Shoes:The Origins of Shoes and Shoe History.


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